Thermal transfer film surface treatment technology

2017-12-05 16:55:06 zhongqi 1

Heat transfer film surface treatment technology

Heat transfer film is a high-tech process, many materials to be imported, heat transfer machine will spend film pattern is transferred to the product, due to the transfer process is simple, fast, clean, graphic after transfer colorful, now widely used in kitchen utensils, cutlery, especially children, for our high-end kitchen add color, more superior to improve people's living standards and conditions.

Heat transfer film is to patterns printed onto heat-resistant adhesive tape, by heat, pressure, the patterns printed ink layer to a technique refinedmaterial. Even the multi-colored pattern, due to the transfer operation is a process, so customers can shorten the printing pattern operations, reduce material caused due to a typographical error (finished) losses. The use of thermal transfer printing film can be a multi-color pattern mapping, no color printing, simple device can also be printed realistic pattern.

Thermal transfer technology, equipment and supplies, strictly speaking, is the birthplace of the United States, then to Taiwan, to Hong Kong toBeijing, and finally the development of the country, thermal transfer, the most important is the thermal transfer ink and heat transfer equipment .

Heat transfer film technology is widely used electrical appliances, daily necessities, building materials and decoration. Due to corrosion, impact resistance, aging, wear, fire, outdoor use for 15 years does not change color and other properties, almost all goods produced by this way the label.Such as opening the phone shell, inside you can see with a bar code label crowded. Many labeling requirements can withstand the test of time, long time no distortion, no fade, not because you wear contact with solvents, not because of discoloration on the deformation temperature is higher, it is necessary to use a special material to print media and print materials to ensure that these characteristics, general inkjet and laser printing technology can not be achieved.