Overview of thermal film

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Overview hot foil

Film refers automotive glass or architectural glass surface mount thin glass film products. Commonly known as proof membrane film, window film or affixed to the solar film. Its main purpose is to deal with that scorching summer sun, absorb ultraviolet light and also has proof function. Proof membrane under different process also posted a different effect, therefore, process and technology is good or bad film also has a great influence on the film's effect. Foil environment, special equipment, processes, and technology theycan determine the effect of a film is good or bad, it is recommended that the best choice for some of the more formal, favorable conditions of service shop if you give your car or building film, so as to ensure foil effect, and reduce the likelihood of cheated.

The role of hot foil

Reduce heat loss

Winter, which can effectively reduce interior heat loss, heat proof quality film can reduce heat loss of about 34%.

Filter light

Can effectively filter the sun's glare harsh glare and night two vehicles meet, enhance comfort and safety.

UV blocking

UV is the main factor for skin burns, skin cancer, and automobile dashboard, seats and textile bleaching leads to deterioration of thesolar spectrum. After the accident to protect the personal safety of broken glass, broken glass insulation explosionproof membranecan adhere to the same place, to prevent the glass splash wounding, enhance accidents, storms and other disasters prevention.

Thermal barrier

Professional heat proof membrane can block the sun's heat 50-85%, in the summer you can significantly reduce the inside temperature, improve vehicle comfort. In winter the temperature inside the car can make 2-7 degrees higher than outside the car. Sowinter stickers are very necessary, and this season should be no relationship.