What is a thermal transfer film?

2017-12-05 16:51:49 zhongqi 2

What is a thermal transfer film?

Thermal transfer film thermal transfer process is a dielectric material. Thermal transfer decoration process is a one-time heating by thermal transfer film, heat transfer on the decorative patterns are transferred onto the surface decoration materials, the formation of high-quality decorativemask. In the thermal transfer process, using heat and pressure together to make a protective layer and a pattern layer was separated from thepolyester substrate, hot melt adhesive so that the whole decorative layer and the substrate permanently glued. Heat transfer film is made frompolyethylene film printed with decorative wood backing layer. Coated with a protective layer, base layer, the release layer and the hot melt adhesivelayer. By heating the high-temperature silicone roller, the temperature and pressure applied to the transfer foil, the decorative wood grain printedlayer, surface protective layer, the transfer layer and the base layer formed from a polyethylene, is transferred onto the surface of wood-based panels or furniture components above, they formed a decorative surface pattern, and its surface with wear, heat, light, excellent performance, novel and beautiful patterns, color stability, is a widely used decorative materials.