Heat transfer coating of splitting the matters needing attention

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Hot Foil Notes 

First, cut the membrane selective membrane model, measure out the length of the glass below the original car glass, glass Measure the width(extended 5-10cm) from the middle, note directional film, corresponding to the length of the glass membrane of the long side, broadside directioncorresponds to the width of the glass film, cut the film, the film has a shrinkage long side, but there is no broadside.

Two, plus two clean glass jar, no harmful substances cleaners flexible three-finger-sized droplets (mainly from the cleaning and lubrication effect), add water and shake well. Spray foil on the outside of the glass required amount of water, steel or plastic scraper blade carefully over the entireglass cleaner to remove the dirt on the glass, in sprayed with water, with a special front and rear wiper blade cleaning glass block again . If you do not clean the glass baking film, when the film is heated weak, with something on the glass scraper scraping film will leave an imprint on the film. Even if the film posted up these blots also not be eliminated, thus affecting the film quality, aesthetics and clarity.

Third, roasted plastic film with the teeth bite before the opening film of the corners, which distinguish a protective film side. The protective film side up, and a balanced spread on glass, lay off more than the part (with black bars over the glass as standard). The film is separated from the middle to the top and bottom sides of the average, two broadside of bubbles to the top and bottom separately averaged together. With a wiper blade toscrape some of the water in the middle of the dry, be careful not to scrape the bubbles to prevent scraping off the film, the middle part of the firstwiper, role stereotypes that make solar film does not move, and the average of the film like a bubble parted conducive baked film.

Fourth, grilled film about the size of the bubble is divided into equal parts. From easy to difficult, from small bubbles first grilled, baked after small bubbles in the large bubbles into small to bake, bake attention degree heat gun temperature and bake the film when the film, the distance can be used to adjust the speed or velocity temperature. Grilled bubble bubbles when heated evenly, the film edges may be appropriate to put the gunaside bake for 1-2 minutes, the film side also shrink, can gelling. While grilled hot posts film side note the degree of shrinkage film, when the film-like appearance of wrinkles contraction, a scrape with a scraper in the end, not sure if the bubble is too big, can handle film heal, with scraper gelling.When baked film can not stay on a bubble too long, in order to avoid overheating. When the temperature is too high, ranging from the film burned, while the explosion of glass. This can not go on car glass water, to prevent the glass can not afford to stimulate the initiation blew.

Fifth, make a film after trimming baked more than the cut edge, the front windshield rearview mirror has to be cut off the black edges 2mm opaque it.Glass cutting edge requirements: straight, flat, homogeneous.